11 Safety Tips For Safe Trailering Or Towing

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Are you going for a trailering or towing experience, if yes, then wait and consider these 11 safety tips for safe trailering or towing.

Remember it is not a child’s play to towing something, if safety precautions are not taken seriously, then there’ll be hazards for not just you but many others.

There are precautions that are needed to taken before towing and some are you should take while towing. We’ll cover all those safety measurements in quick manner yet brief manner in this very post.

Worry not as all these information is designed by experts at AAA Brisbane Towing. So, without any such further due, lets get right into it.

Before You Tow

1.Know Your Vehicles’ Limits

There is some mathematics there that you have to consider before towing. You need to know your vehicles’ towing capacity first. In short, you have to be aware about how much your vehicle can actually tow with ease.

Here is a thing that some people do to know their vehicles’ towing capacity, it is they actual tow something and guess the towing capacity by that little experiment. This is something dangerous that may endanger you and many others. So, better to avoid that madness.

You can refer to your vehicles’ manufacturer manual to know the precise numbers. After that you have to look at the GCWR(gross combined weight rating) for your towing vehicle. This number is quite similar to GVWR(gross vehicle weight rating), but it also provides information of the actual weight of the trailer and its components combined.

Remember always make sure proper precautions before towing, read the vehicles’ manual properly, or get in touch with towing professionals like AAA Brisbane Towing for proper instructions.

2.Get The Right Hitch

this one seems like common sense but many makes mistakes there. This is because there are lots of options available which varies upon uses.

There are lots of options, understanding what are your specific needs and goals are important to account here. Things you have to account here includes: vehicle’s size, what you are towing, what is the towing distance, vehicles’ towing capacity, these are few common ones.

Once you figure out the right hitch for yourself, proper hitching is require to get the things done in a safe fashion.

3.Load Cargo Properly

this is when the process is about to start, so losing attention here may cost you. This step, if done properly, will make sure the braking efficiency, stability, and overall maneuvering while towing.

Here you not just need to load the things safely in a manner that they don’t move while towing, but most importantly you have to make sure the right weight distribution across the trailer.

You to make sure that most of weight(60-70%) is distributed in the front half of the trailer, and trailer tongue should make up around 10-15%, while making the left and right side even.

4.Double Check Vehicle And Trailer Components

before you hit the busy roads with many other vehicles, double check all the essential things are ready to go. This includes, double checking the hitching system, braking system, towing mirrors, towing lights and mostly importantly the tire pressure.

5.Practice Make Perfect

get in touch of a friend of yours, and practice the actual towing in a empty space. Experience difference of maneuvering and braking while towing something.

Practice towing mirrors and towing lights, and ask your friend for feedback. This will also make you confident while actual towing on busy roads.

While You Tow

1.Manage The Space While Stopping

it takes a longer time for a heavy vehicle to stop than lighter ones. While you are towing you can’t use normal mechanics while stopping. This there more weight adds up. This will require you manage more time to actually stop on a desire spot, because sudden stopping may cost you hazards.

Get in touch with AAA Brisbane Towing Experts to know more about professional towing.

2.Consider Wider Turns

just like stopping precaution while towing, you also require to make your turns more wider than actual, to make the vehicle stable.

Use towing mirrors according to size of your vehicle, only than you can manage to know what has said.

Also, make it slow. As make turns speedily cost of accidents because it will unstable the vehicle as there is weight on it.

3.Reverse Expertly

even when you are not towing anything, you have to be good at reversing any vehicle, in order to be safe. Because it requires more skills and experience.

Reversing a towing vehicle is no joke. Just a minor mistake and it will cost you badly. You have to use the towing mirrors and lights efficiently to make things working. Use you cameras for more safety and convenience.


Try to use trucks with smart reversing technology while towing to make it more convenient for you. You can use internet to know more about those trucks or you can contact AAA Brisbane Towing for a proper advise.

And for your towing needs anywhere in Brisbane Wide consider AAA Brisbane Towing For safe and affordable Towing Experience. Contact us! Grab you free quote today!

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